The organic section in orange below is where we get your website, video, Google local map placement and all your social media profiles.


30 days or less we will have your video on page 1

60-90 days or less we will have your website and map listing on page 1


The best way to engage your potential customers with Local SEO is with the following:

  1. A dynamic content rich Mobile friendly website
  2. Local Google map placement
  3. Directory submissions
  4. A branded Facebook page
  5. A branded Google+ page
  6. A branded twitter page
  7. A branded map listing

Here’s How We Do It

Our dedicated team of copywriters work hand-in-hand with our optimization experts making sure your content is unique and relevant and has the proper optimized keyword density, and receives updates in a timely and consistent manner. We then make sure it is used when we make your website and brand it to your social media pieces like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, your Map listing, etc.

We then use the chosen keywords used for the search.


Then we use those keywords to optimize your branded assets
on the front page in the orange area from above.






Google +

We make sure your competitors envy your new website and branded social media assets.

of people will immediately click away from an unappealing website