Review Generation and why you need it.

Online reviews are the word-of-mouth referrals of the digital world. In fact even when someone does recomend you by word-of-mouth the first thing someone does is look you up online. Online reviews significantly influence consumer decision making. Consumers are more likely to choose your business when looking for the kind of services that you provide when you have positive reviews for them to read.

In fact:

of customers read online reviews for business

of customers say they trust online reviews as much as word of mouth referrals

Reviews can often be hard to come by, while favorable reviews can lead to more business, negative reviews can drive potential business away

Review Generation is the process of gathering positive customer reviews for your business with a custom piece of code that is put on your website that assists your business in generating, aggregating and syndicating your positive reviews while the negative ones come to your email so you can handle them.


Review Generation
Review Generation
Review Generation

Our custom Review Generation tools will

Display positive reviews to your Google plus page as well as your facebook and popular directories making it easy for your customers to leave a review for your business

Why It’s Important

Good reviews and a lot of them helps your online reputation and helps in building a strong relationship with Google and your local community. Having good reviews also shows Google that you are serious about being in and doing good business. This also helps in getting good rankings and 1st page placements for your online assets like your website, video, local Google map, social media and directories. Lots of good reviews also help push down negative ones that come from those customers with unrealistic expectation.

Review Generation

How to handle Bad reviews

Bad reviews happen, all companies get them and it is not the end of the world. negative reviews show you are human in fact most people don’t trust a company with nothing but positive reviews because no one is perfect and for some people it does not matter how hard you try or how much you give of yourself you will never make them happy. What matters to most people is how you handle and respond to negative reviews.

Using negative reviews as an opportunity

Negative reviews can be an opportunity for your business to show that you care about the outcome your customer has with the products and services you provide. Instead of being afraid of negative reviews and the damage you think it can cause, use it as an opportunity to show you care and build respect for your business. Negative reviews can get anyone agitated, but you can make a difference if you respond gracefully. If you do not respond to these complaints, or worse, if you respond poorly, then you can further mire yourself in negativity.

Review Generation

Here’s how to do it.

1. Claim your digital real estate
Claim your directory profiles so if someone leaves an unfavorable review you can respond

2. Build up positive feedback
You can build what we call a “reputation cushion”—a solid, compelling, attractive online persona that comes to the fore in any search, so that the incidental bad review becomes just a mere speed bump.

3. Customers want empathy.
People simply want to be heard. Customers know that a company can’t always fix the problem, but they want to talk about it. Making it easy for your customers to voice their opinion will satisfy many of them and start the healing process.

4. Show customers that their voice matters.
Many customers don’t complain because they believe it won’t make a difference. Show them that your company listens by building an infrastructure that can respond to emails, phone calls and social media posts in a timely fashion.

5. Be thoughtful in all responses.
Part of doing business is understanding that customers will have complaints—successful companies respond quickly to any criticism and offer solutions. Check out any well-run hotel, for instance, and see how they reply to TripAdvisor comments. In my local neighborhood, Whole Foods posts customer comments on a bulletin board outside the checkout lanes, showing management’s response to each one.

6. Turn customers into evangelists.
A complaining customer that becomes a satisfied one can be a booster for your company. The key action is to follow up with that customer after the initial incident to see if their concern was resolved and if they’re still satisfied. Customers are proud when a company actually acts on their concerns and they’ll be sure to tell their friends about it.

7. Be Brief
You don’t want to reveal too much in your response to a negative comment. Social media is a public space, and airing dirty laundry isn’t going to help your business or your customers. Try a simple “We’re sorry you’ve had this experience. Please call our customer service line if you’d like to talk about the specifics of your situation.” encourage the customer to contact you directly to resolve the problem.